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What is CoolSculpting?

Picture it.You maintain a reasonable diet. You excercise regularly(most of the time). You love sports and are active. You are not too far from your healthy weight. And yet you have one, two or three, stubborn fat pockets that refuse to cooperate.Maybe it's the dreaded muffin top, or the waddle under your arm,in that sleveless dress. Or, you simply miss the curvy tummy you had not so long ago. So what is CoolSculpting?

We know it's going to sound too good to be true, but get this: CoolSculpting(medical term) cryolipolisis, literally freezes and kills your fat cells.

Let's back up a minute, though

As a new born, the number of fat cells you have is determined. It does not change during the course of your life. It remains the same. Every person has a different number of fat cells pre-determined by genetics and DNA. What changes is the size of your fat cells. They will increase or decrease based on your exercise and eating habits.

You don't gain or lose fat cells. While you might gain or lose weight easily in some areas of the body, like your face or arms. Some areas are much more stubborn. Like your inner thighs or abdomen. We all carry fat differently, even with one person, it may differ for different body areas. All the exercise in the world, won't give a 60ish young woman a six-pack. Sad, but true.Makes you want to drink a six-pack;).

Six- packs are made in the kitchen If you exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, that's great! But it will not achieve a flat, pre-menapausal tummy. The only way that is going to happen, is in the kitchen. And by that I mean, a woman of my 50ish young self would have to eat nothing but chicken, broccoli, egg whites and oatmeal. No bread, no dessert, not ever. No thanks.

If you are not too far from your weight goals than you are a ideal candidate for CoolSculpting.


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Ellen Naylor Ellen is our CoolSculpt specialist

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