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Melissa's Journey

Four weeks after treatment one

what-is-coolsculptingTreatment to Transformation

CoolSculpting Explained

First treatment was September 27. We did 4 applications. What that means is that we treated 4 areas.

Both love handles, referred to as the Flanks. And two lower abdominal areas,  creating a V around our belly button where most women carry their abdomanal fat.

This picture is from her first treatment day.We waited a month and did a second treatment consisting of just 2 areas, versus the four we did on the first treatment day.



The picture below, the featured image is four weeks after her treatment. She looks fantastic.And the best part is that you get your optimum results beginning around  the 6th week. Optimum results take up to 14 weeks. So for her this is great news. The best is yet to come for her transformation.


Ellen Naylor Ellen is our CoolSculpt specialist

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4 weeks after 2nd session AMAZING!

Melissa,s Continued Journey

Truly amazing results in her CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation. The picture posted below is 4 weeks after Melissa's second treatment. We could not be more pleased with the results. Check them out

CoolSculpt Journey 5 months

Coolsculpt progress 4 & 5 months post procedure 3 Months Later: Your patience has paid off! You should notice your body changing as treated fat cells metabolize through your body. CoolSculpting can reduce up to 20-25% of fat in a treated area. You'll find