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Ellen's CoolSculpt Journey Day 1

Day of CoolSculpting  Treatment

Ellen's CoolSculpt Journey  

I am so excited to take you on this Journey with me. I am looking foward to having a kinder opinion of my body. I don't like that I dislike parts of my body as much as I do.

Let me start at the beginning.  I was lucky enough to grow up up in a family that was into sports. I was also lucky enough to get my Dad's tall thin physique. That being said, I am no longer the young pup I used to be. And although I maintain a relatively healthy diet (80%) of  the time, and I work out 4-5 hours a week. I still have stubborn fat pockets I cannot get rid of.


Assesment with Daphne

Daphne is the CoolSculpt Specialist that did my treatments for me. We discussed  what I was looking for as far as results. What areas did I want to address?  She explained all of my options. From one application on my abdomen, to a total of 8 to completely transform my mid section. Front and back.

 I am having four applications done. One on each hip, and two overlapping applications on my lower abdomen. 


Pictured below 

You can see the markings for the four applicators that will do the magic for me. I will continue to post the pictures over the next 4 to 8 weeks. Lets do this!







Ellen Naylor Ellen is our CoolSculpt specialist

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