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Ellen's Continued Journey

4 weeks after 2nd session AMAZING!

Hi everyone,

So it all started with Covid and the lockdown in early April-May 2020. My business was shut down. I was seriously freaking out over the pandemic and my compromised immune system, age etc.

I am a STRESS eater. And boy oh boy was I eating, and baking and making fresh pasta.... Did I mention eating? Lol

May 28, 2020 I had 4 applications of coolsculpting done. One on either side of my lower abdomen and one on each love handle/hip area.My results were really impressive. You can see the results in these blogs

Jan 12 2021 I had 2 more applications done. Just my lower abdomen. The results to date are truly dramatic.

The better I look the better I feel. I am working out 3 or 4 days a week and WANT to continue because I look so good. It is amazing what something can do for your self esteem. I feel like a peacock and have no desire to go back to pudgy;(.


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4 weeks after 2nd session AMAZING!

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