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CoolSculpt Journey week 8

8 weeks post procedure

For the last 8 weeks since I had my CoolSculpt treatment done I have been exercising regularly and maintaining a fairly healthy diet.

By "fairly" healthy I mean this. I do not eat fast food other than a visit to In & Out every 2 months or so. I don't eat fried foods like KFC.

BUT I do cook fresh foods at home using oils.I use butter and I eat bread. There are cookies and desserts in our house. I do not binge.

This is what I mean by "fairly healthy"

The picture here is my 8 week post procedure. It has gone by really fast. I have gotten All the feeling back in my tummy and hips and the results so far are amazing. Check it out and keep posted



Ellen Naylor Ellen is our CoolSculpt specialist

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